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Fiddle Tune Sources

Here is a listing of the sources I used in compiling and transcribing these tunes. There are undoubtedly sources that got away, as some of the tunes were originally transcribed as early as 1983. But certainly these are the most important ones. I am including both a list of sources and downloadable documents containing the list.

List of Sources for the Tunes

Here is a list of the sources I used for this project. Sources include records, cassettes, CDs, books and online sources. Some were used to figure out the basic melody, some were used to get details of melody, and some were used to figure out chords. Some are still in print but many are not. Some of those are available on YouTube and in other places.

You might be interested in when the sources were recorded. I've made a graph of the distribution of dates. The earliest source with a date was 1846 (omitted from the graph); next was 1950. Several were older but I don't have a recording date, and quite a few were recent releases of recording originally released in another form (e.g. 78 RPM record).

Download a copy: Downloaded copies are formatted better than I can do here. They are available in a couple different formats:

Sources — Word (docx)     ~    Sources — PDF

Source Year Distribution

The Sources

Joseph Allard, Grand violoneux - Hommage. Montréal Association québécoise des loisirs folkloriques, CAM 105.2, 1992.

Ward Allen Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown, Volume I. Sparton, SP-203, 1954.

Ward Allen Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown, Volume II. Sparton, SP-210, 1958.

Ward Allen, Memories of Ward Allen, Mousehole Music PM-08-29

Laurie Andres, Fantastic Hornpipe. Rooster Records, RSTR 122, 1983.

Applejack with Bob McQuillen, Contra Dance Music New England Style. Green Linnet SIF 1028, 1980.

Rachel Aucoin & Sabin Jacques. Raz-de-Marée: Musique traditionelle québécoise. Transcriptions by Claudine Arcand. Montréal, Tidal Wave Music.

Carmelle Bégin, Philippe Bruneau: Musique traditionelle pour accordéon diatonique. Ottawa: Musées nationaux du Canada, 1983.

Allan Block, Alive & Well & Fiddling. Living Folk Records (LFR 104), 1977

Jos Bouchard, Reel Carnaval. Carnaval, CS-530, 1968.

Jos Bouchard, violoneux. Musique et danse traditionelle de Charlevoix. Le tamanoir, TAM 27019, 1978. Reissued from Le Tamanoir TAM-513, Portrait du vieux Kebec, volume 13: Jos. Bouchard, violoneux de I'lle d’Orleans, 1975.

Philippe Bruneau, Philippe Bruneau. Philo FI-2003, 1973. With Yvan Brault, piano & Gilles Losier, bass.

Philippe Bruneau, Danses pour veillés Canadiennes. Philo, FI-2006, 1975.

Philippe Bruneau, Accordéon diatonique. Disques Tout Crin, TCDA 19083-2, 2003. From the Archives of the Canadian Museum Of Civilization, recorded between 1978 and 1982.

Philippe Bruneau, Au Symposium de Lévis (1989). Archives du Musée canadien des civilisations, Archives TDCA-2003PB, 2003.

Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra. F&W Records, F&W 3, 1972.

Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra, Mistwold. F&W Records, F&W 5, 1974.

Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra, Swinging on a Gate, Front Hall Records, FHR-03, 1974.

Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra, Reunion, June 13, 1992.

Jean Carignan, Ti-Jean - Le Violoneux. Totem, TO-9221, 1977.

Choose Your Partners, Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40126, 1999.

Andy De Jarlis, Canadian Fiddle Tunes,. BMI Canada, 1958.

Andy De Jarlis, Canadian Old Time Music. London EBX 4123, 1968.

Andy De Jarlis, Manitoba's Golden Fiddler (Book 3). Don Mills, Ontario, BMI Canada, 1969.

Andy De Jarlis, Red River Echoes, Vol 1.. London EB 5, 1959.

Andy De Jarlis, Canadian Fiddle Tunes from the Red River Valley, Book 2. Toronto, BMI Canada Limited, 1961.

Andy De Jarlis & His Early Settlers. London EB 44, 1962.

Andy De Jarlis, Et domino Les Femmes ont Chaud... . London MB71, 1962.

Andy De Jarlis, Tour de danse ... Tour de valses ..., London MB 73, 1962.

Andy De Jarlis, Old Time Waltzes, London EB 46, 1963.

Andy De Jarlis, Favourite Old Time Tunes. London, EB 60, 1963

Andy De Jarlis, Backwoods Fiddle Tunes. London EBX 4118, 1968.

Frank DesJarais, Le polka de Caraquet. YouTube video,, 2004.

Jean Duval, La Musique de Fortunat Malouin (1870-1935); 10 pièces avec commentaires et une biographie, 2020.

Farm & Wilderness String Band Tunebook. Compiled by Christy Keevil and Henry Darley Chapin. Plymouth, Vt., Farm & Wilderness, 1980.

Eric Favreau, workshop at the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend, Jan. 2009.

Frank Ferrel, Classic Down East Fiddle Music. Voyager Records, CD 370, 1975, 1980, 2006 (CD).

Burt Feintuch, recording by Emery Hutchins of Burt playing at home with several friends, 2018.

Fireside String Band, Square Dance Tunes for a Yankee Caller. F & W Records, F75-FW-6, 1976.

Winston 'Scotty' Fitzgerald, A Selection Of New Jigs, Reels, Strathspeys, Hornpipes And Waltzes. Rodeo Records SCX5-59.

Folklore Village Farm, Scandinavia Folk Dances and Tunes, Third Edition. Dodgeville, WI, 1980.

Frank Fortune calling with the Myron ("Mike") Colby Orchestra, Bradford, NH, recorded by Clarence Jeffrey, probably mid 1950's.

Fourgone Conclusions, Contra Dance Music from Western Massachusetts. Front Hall Records, FHR-029, FHR-029CD, 1983.

Aimé Gagnon, Violoneux d'origine. TB-147-CD, 1998.

Karl Grönstedt's Dragspelsorkester and the Swedish Folk Dance Fiddlers, Swedish Polkas and Hambos. Capitol Records, T-10039, 1956.

Woody Guthrie, Lonesome Valley - A Collection of American Folk Music. Various Artists. Folkways Records, FA 2010, 1951 (10" LP).

Laurie Hart workshop, Northern Week, Ashokan, 2010.

Hartt Hollow (Harold Luce and Wayne Doyle fiddling), Smile Awhile. Record Co. of Vermont, RV411112, 1994.

Andrea Hoag, from a class at Northern Week at Ashokan.

Emerson Hill Square Dance. George Hodgson calling with Lou Heath (fiddle), Walter Heath (piano), Frenchy Wilfred French (drums), Royce Riddle (banjo), Bob Boynton (electric bass), Bob Messer (saxophone). Recorded 2/8/1997 by Peter Yarensky.

Emerson Hill Square Dance, Lou Heath fiddling, George Hodgson calling. West Hopkinton, NH, 10/24/98, 

Jerry Holland, The Fiddlesticks Collection. Fiddlesticks Music CD1, 1992.

Gale Huntington (editor), William Litton's Fiddle Tunes, 1800-1802, 1977.

Sabin Jacques, Quebecois Social Dance, Ashokan 1997 (personal recording).

Cammie Kaynor, sheet music handwritten in the late 1970s.

King John's Morris, Monk's March. YouTube,, 2017.

Gabriel Labbé & Philippe Bruneau, $3Masters of French Canadian Dance, vol. 3. Folkways Records, RBF 114, 1980.

J. O. LaMadeleine, Pic About. Apex 16808, 78 RPM record.

Jean Landry, on 22 tounes de chez-nous. MSTK K2-107 (CD).

Ned Landry, Wood Chopper's Breakdown. RCA Victor Bluebird Series (78RPM) 55-3249-B.

Emile Langevin, played at weekly soirées at the barn of Marcel Robidas, late 1990s. This is as I play it. I learned it from Emile who I believe learned it from Erica Brown (now Erica Shipman).

Dudley Laufman with Patty Laufman, Barry & Gretchen Draper and Richard Gehrts, Canterbury Folk at the Belknap Mill. Cassette, 1980.

Dudley Laufman, Traditional Barn Dances with Calls & Fiddling. Dudley & Jacqueline Laufman, Human Kinetics, 2009, book and accompanying CD.

April Limber and friends, jam session, Champlain Valley Festival, 1988.

Lover, S. The low backed car, characteristic Irish song. Firth and Hall, New York, monographic, 1846. [Notated Music] Retrieved from the Library of Congress,

Jimmie MacLellan and the Cosy Cottars Play Old Time Favorites. Banff RBS. 1046.

Maine Country Dance Orchestra, Bowdoinham Contradance, played many times, 1980s.

Maine French Fiddlers. EAB 91281, 1992.

Maine French Fiddlers, In Memere's Kitchen. Produced by Harry King. Readfield, Maine, 1995.

Clifford Manley, Florence Killen's Waltz. 64th Maritime Fiddle Festival, July 2013. On YouTube <>.

Omer Marcoux, Fiddle Tunes with Omer Marcoux. Concord, NH, produced by Sylvia Miskoe & Justine Paul, 1981 (cassette).

Lucien Mathieu (fiddle) and Bob McQuillen (piano). Workshop at Maine Fiddle Camp, August 2009.

Bob McQuillen, Bob's Note Book 5. Dublin, NH, 1981.

Bob McQuillen, Bob's Note Book Combination 1 & 2, 1982.

Bob McQuillen, Bob's Note Book #7. Peterborough, NH, 1990.

Marcel Meilleur & the Red River Echoes, Memories with Andy DeJarlis. Sunshine Records, SSBLP-427, 1977.

Marcel Messervier, La grande traversée. From Gabriel Labbée (researcher & compiler), 100 ans de musique traditionnelle québécoise: Quatrième époque - 1980 à 2000, Disque 1.

Duke Miller calling with Bob McQuillen (accordion) and unidentified musicians, Peterborough, NH Country Club Square Dance, 1965

Rod & Randy Miller, Castles in the Air, Fretless FR 119, 1975.

Rod & Randy Miller, New England Chestnuts Vol. 1, Alcazar Records FR 203, 1980.

Rod & Randy Miller, New England Chestnuts Vol. 2, Alcazar Records FR 204, 1981.

Randy Miller, YouTube, 2020,

Leroy Larson & the Minnesota Scandinavian Ensemble Play Scandinavian-American Old Time. Banjar Records BR-1828, 1975.

Normand Miron, recorded at a Québecois Social Dance session at Northern Week at Ashokan, 1998. Chords are transcribed as accurately as possible.

Sylvia Miskoe & Justine Paul, Fiddle Tunes of Omer Marcoux.. Concord, NH, 1980, 1994.

Thomas Møller, harmonica and Anders J. Ørts, guitar,, May 16, 2009.

Aldor Morin, Collection Les Grands Folkloristes Québécois. Disques Mérite 1376 (Copie Maître London Records Et Bonanza), CD compilation, 2006. Much of this information comes from a nice article about him at:

Matilda Murdoch, Matilda Murdoch Plays Some of her Own. Paff Inc. PF-0003.

New England Contradance Music. Kicking Mule Records, KM216, 1977.

New England Tradition, Farewell To The Hollow. Whistler's Music, CDWM 9860, 1988 and 1991.

New Hampshire Fiddlers Union, The Music of John Taggart (1854-1943). Front Hall Records FHR-204C, 1989.

Old Grey Goose, Maine Country Dance Music and Song. Folkways Records FD 6530, 1979.

Old Grey Goose, Old-Time Country Song & Dance Band Cassette (self-produced), recorded in Liberty and Montvile, ME, 1993.

Old Grey Goose, Workshop at the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend, 2018.

Old Grey Goose, Workshop, Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend, 2018. Played by Carter Newell.

Olivia und Lars beim Kulturnatten 2013 in NUUK,, March 4, 2013.

Old New England, Old New England. O.N.E. CD101, 1996.

Old New England, ONE IV. Peterborough, NH, Whistler's Music WM9810, 2010.

Lisa Ornstein & Denis Pepin, Danseries de la Belle Province. Québec, Lisa Ornstein, 1984.

Lisa Ornstein, Normand Miron & André Marchand, leading the Cinq à six jam session, Ashokan, Northern Week, 1991, Thursday.

Ralph Page's New Hampshire Orchestra, Glise a Sherbrooke, Michael Herman, Folk Dancer Records MH 1073-B.

Ralph Page Book of Contras. London: English Folk Dance and Song Society, 1969. Chord suggestions by Leigh Dyer.

Ralph Page (publisher), Northern Junket,. Vol. 13, No. 11, Pg. 26 (June 1981).

Per's Four Play Jigs and Reels, Folkways FW 8826, 1960.

Doug Protsik, 2020 music for Maine Fiddle Camp,

Doug Protsik, recording made at Maine Fiddle Camp, 1998.

Doug Protsik (fiddle), Maine Fiddle Camp, Aug. 7. 2009.

Selmer Ramsey's Old Time Music Volume 1. Mark Custom Records, MC6197, 1977.

Dick Richardson: Old Time New Hampshire Fiddler. Originally recorded 1952.

Gerry Robichaud, Maritime Dance Party. Fretless, FR201, 1978,

Marcel Robidas, as played at Wednesday Night Soirées and on recording from 4-6-86 soirée.

Marcel Robidas, Dover NH, recording made around 2000, originally intended for a CD.

Frankie Rodgers, Maple Sugar, Fiddle Favourites by Canada's Old Time Fiddle King. MCA Coral CB 30006, 1973 (previously released as Point P-250; sheet music ©1965).

Frankie Rodgers & Gaby Haas, Play for a Horilka Party. Point Records, PS 302, 1968.

Based on a transcription by the great Maine Canadian fiddler Don Roy, posted on the website of his band Fiddle~icious, Maine's Largest Fiddle Orchestra in 2015.

Bruce Sagan, Scandinavian Jam Session, Northern Week, Ashokan, 1997

Eric och Kalle Sahlström, Vi e ju Uplenningar ve, Valbo 1974. Jougo Music, JGOCD02, CD, 2004.

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Spaelimenninir í Hoydølum. Tutl, SHD 1CD, 1977, 2000.

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