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~ Tune & Chord Books, Tunes by Category, abc Help & More ~

This is where you can download everything available from this website. Highlights include the NHCD Tune Book and Chord Book, tunes by category in abc and standard notation (as PDFs), an abc Help File, and much more.
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NHCD Tune & Chord Books

You can download the NHCD Tunebook and Chord Book with all the tunes on the website in one place.

NHCD Tune Book ~ A compilation of all the tunes on this website (version 5.5, Nov. 2021)

NHCD Chord Book ~ With suggested chords for all the tunes on the website plus chords for a number of additional tunes (version 4, April 2021}.

Updates to Previous Tune Book Editions If you have a previous edition, these updates should contain any additional tunes in the current edition.

  • June 2019 Update as: PDF ~ abc
  • July 2021 Update as: PDF ~ abc

Tunes by Category

In abc & Standard Notation

You can download the tunes by category. Click on the links to download tunes as documents in abc notation and standard notation (as PDFs), or to go to a web page with the tunes on the page in abc format.

  • There are some modifications to the abc and Playable Tunes Pages that haven't made it onto the other versions of the tunes yet.

Please note: If your browser displays an abc file instead of downloading it, see the instructions below for help.

Useful Supplementary Documents

Here are some useful supplementary materials you should know about, including a searchable listing of the tunes.
  • Listing of Tunes. This is a spreadsheet table listing all the tunes, their key and tune types and more. Spreadsheet formats: CSV ~ Excel (.xlsx) ~ Numbers
  • Tune Sources. A listing of all the records, tapes, CDs, books and web sources used to prepare this web site. Available as a web page from the Main Menu above and as a download in a couple formats: Word (docx) ~  PDF
Contact me. If you have questions, corrections, constructive feedback, interesting comments, etc., please feel free to send me a note! My contact information is in the footer of each page on this website.
A Few abc Notation Supplements & Utilities

About the supplements & utilities. I made these up for my own use. I make no claim to expertise with either abc or spreadsheets, but I find the abc help files and spreadsheet utilities useful and perhaps someone else will too.

An abc Help File
  • Peter Yarensky's abc 2.2 Help File v2.0. A roughly 25-page PDF covering some of the basics of using abc notation and some of the advanced techniques used in this website, including Playable Tunes.
  • abc 2.2 Reference Card v1.5. A two-page PDF that focuses on things that I'd find myself having to look up.
  • Finally, the Example File as a Text File and as an HTML Document. This illustrates many techniques and is an example of a playable tune in an HTML document. The text file lets you look at the source code more easily; the html file displays the tune. If the tune doesn't display, try downloading the html file and opening it in your browser.

The spreadsheets were done in iWork Numbers. Numbers can be quite slow, and it doesn't have the power of Excel but I find that the ability to have multiple independent tables per sheet and ease of use makes it preferable.

Numbers and Pages are free on a Mac, iPhone or iPad. If you use something else, it's still free: all you need is a free Apple ID. Go to, log in, and you can use the online versions of Numbers and Pages (and several other apps).

  • Chord Book Template. This document may be used to start a new chord book, e.g. from chords you obtain using the next spreadsheet. It is in Pages. Again if you don't have Pages you may use it online with an Apple ID.
  • Sort Tunes 3.0. Paste in up to 1500 lines of abc code and sort the tunes by as many fields as you want. Optionally you may specify a header to go at the beginning of the document and section headers to go before each new tune category. Note: this spreadsheet is fairly slow (although a lot faster than doing it by hand!), so for smaller numbers of tunes try the 500-line version: Sort Tunes 3.0, Short.
  • Extract Chords from abc File 4.0. Paste in up to 350 lines of abc code and the spreadsheet extracts the chords and formats them for use in a chord book or listing.
  • Chord & Bass Line Chart Transposition 2.0. This Numbers spreadsheet transposes a set of chord & bass names (e.g. G7/D) to the desired key. It can handle one chord/measure, although it doesn't seem to be bothered by some extraneous text.
  • The next two spreadsheets aren't specific to abc notation but I find them to be quite handy.

If Your Browser Displays the abc Code

If your browser displays an abc file instead of downloading it, click on your browser's Back button to bring the file listings back.

Then hold down your Control key and click on the abc file link.

Choose Download Linked File (or your browser's equivalent) and the file will be downloaded to your usual downloads location.

  • For those who notice such things, the abc files are up to version 5.4 and the PDFs are at version 3.x. These are equivalent in content but the PDF files are based on the Playable Tunes, which generally produce nicer printed copies.
How the Tunes are Presented

The tunes are presented in PDF and abc format.

The abc code is presented as downloadable abc documents. They may be opened by an abc app such as EasyABC which displays tunes in standard musical notation, and also plays them.

The PDF documents contain the same tunes in standard musical notation, in alphabetical order.

To learn more about abc musical notation, go to the Introduction to abc Notation section (listed in the menu as About abc Notation).